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Alloy Wheel Repair Bradford

Bradford wheel repair specialist

We offer fast turnaround, high-quality service with state of the art equipment specifically designed to repair alloy wheels for Bradford. 

The cost of buying alloy wheels has risen in the last five years, with most cars now have alloys as standard.  Prices for new alloy wheels start from £350 per wheel up to £1500 per wheel.  The cost of alloy wheel repair starts from £85.00 per wheel, depending on the type of repair the most you are going to pay per wheel £150.00. 

Before going out and purchasing a new set of wheels its worth checking the repair prices first.  Here is a list of the types of alloy wheel repairs available in Bradford  

  • Alloy wheel powder coat refurbishment 
  • Diamond cut wheel repairs 
  • Cracked alloy wheel repairs 
  • Buckled wheel repairs 

Optimized Diamond cut wheel repair letter


Below is our Registered office: all appointments are booked in advance via phone or email, depending on the type of repair and your location Bradford. 







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